Tony Southcotte Reviews Fitbit & Announces Crossover Team Fitbit

Fitbit Gear Review by Tony Southcotte
I’m a very lazy man, especially when I can get technology to do the work for me. This is where the Fitbit comes in. A Fitbit is a small device that connects to your belt, bra strap or really anything it can clip too. The device itself is a pedometer, but it has many more features than that.
On the Fitbit itself, you get an easy to read display and a button. The first screen is your  steps, then other statistics, such as stairs climbed or overall activity level. The Fitbit has an altimeter, it can tell how many steps you have taken uphill or actual stairs. From my tests, it is very accurate. I also like that you can’t erase or add to your score, so cheating isn’t a temptation and you won’t accidentally wipe out your daily score.
The way it works is this: You plug a bluetooth adapter (that comes with it) into your computer, and every few minutes, the Fitbit will sync. It then uploads your steps onto an online dashboard that shows your steps, miles walked, floors climbed, calories burned, and more.
Perhaps my favorite features relate to the online portion. The device itself is an excellent way to keep accountable to your step totals, especially if you team up with friends online. You can see where you are in relation to them, and decide to leave them in the dust with a nice long walk. It has an awesome achievement system, where you can get daily awards for every 5,000 steps you walk or 10 floors you climb, but also long term ones. I am currently working on my 250 mile lifetime badge.
I know that the Fitbit has helped me personally. Since I have bought it, I have rarely had a day under 5,000 steps. It’s my goal to push that closer to 10,000 as the year continues. It is quite shocking the first few days how sedentary many of us are. I know that the Fitbit that jolted me out any pretense of this. It has enforced the habit, and that has been crucial for my recent success when it comes to walking and working out.
There are few devices from Fitbit, depending on if you like a wristband or a clip, and are around $100 bucks (fitbit zip runs $59). For me, it has seriously been worth the money. If you have one, post your ID in the comments so we can team up.

About Tony

Tony Southcotte is an odd mix of plumber and computer geek, writer and wonder junkie. He is also the co-host of the Human Echoes Podcast and an occasional AS advocate. You can find out more at or and on twitter @TSouthcotte. Tony is walking with  The Blue Apples & is our resident fitbit guru.

We love fitbit! It is much more than just a pedometer.


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    • JVisscher says:

      Absolutely Jacquie! Just need something that tracks your steps – any app or pedometer will work. We just want to give people reviews of products and fitbit is a cool one! 🙂

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