Step Report – First 10 Days!

We are off to an amazing start!
I want to thank each and every one of you for your participation to date! We have many weeks ahead but I sure hope you can see it will be worth the effort and lots of fun along the way. We have many new things coming up to help us reach the moon! If we continue on this course we won’t quite make our goal. Let’s find ways together to get more people involved and share and educate people about spondylitis while we are at it.
Last year we took a TOTAL of 63,978,087 steps! We circled the globe in 64 days. This year we accomplished this in 10 days!!!!
Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any ideas or suggestions. This is YOUR awareness project!
Here are the top 10 teams & their current totals:
1. Team ENDURANCE for AS:  team captain Helgi Olafson – 19,480,693
2. Team Gregg’s Legs:  team captain Tracy Lemieux – 3,390,782
3. Team Spirited Spondys:   team captain Sabrina Marshall – 3,021,746
4. Team Going The Distance:  team captain Jennifer Kersten – 2,977,545
5. Team Maine-iAcS:  team captain Susan Dye – 2,737,339
6. Team Happy Feet:  team captain Pam Jennings – 2,656,560
7. Team Don’t Worry, Be Happy:  team captain Tess Johnson – 2,559,802
8. Team A.S. Busters:  team captain Michael Mallison – 2,285,249
9. Team Kickin’ It For Kynna:  team captain Melissa Varney – 2,173,788
10. Team Rockin’ Weebles: team captain Heather Stewart – 2,171,648

Great job everyone! Keep up the great work and stay on the leader board!


8 thoughts on “Step Report – First 10 Days!

  1. Helgi Olafson says:

    Great job everyone!!! Keep it up! We need group rides and walks to get to the moon. Even if someone can pledge their steps for one time only…they should become YOUR TARGET!! Aloha. Good luck!

  2. sassie59cy says:

    We are all pretty darned amazing……we got this to the moon walk, no problem. Let’s grow our teams, somebody knows somebody who knows somebody. Look how easy the awareness can spread!!!!! Happy Stepping 🙂

  3. dearestbeloved says:

    Could you give some indication of the size of each team? Although big numbers can be motivating, they can also be a bit demoralising. I know every steps counts, but it would be nice to know …

    • JVisscher says:

      Hi there 🙂
      By no means do we ever wish anyone to feel demoralized by our walk. Each and every person who takes one step towards our goal inspires me. We are doing something proactive to make a change – to me this is powerful.
      Due to the nature of how our walk is set up it is extremely difficult to track how many walkers are on a team at any one time. We encourage our teams to keep adding daily and occasional walkers as well as contribute “activity steps” via conversion. We also have some teams like Helgi Olafson’s Team Endurance that is made up of athletes. Since one of the primary goals of our walk to to raise awareness, the more people we expose to our walk the more people learn about spondylitis so large teams exponentially create this dynamic. Also, please remember we are doing this walk with no corporate sponsorship, no flashy ad campaigns, and no technical ability to “crunch the numbers” so to speak. Hopefully we can provide more information about how our teams are made up next year. Also, we’ve made a choice to not share individual steps here – if someone wishes to share that themselves that is fine but we have people who log a huge spectrum of numbers of steps and we are only posting the top 10 teams for the same reason, although we have close to 50 teams at this time.
      On an individual basis I know it can be difficult to see how much someone else is able to do especially for someone dealing with A.S. or another type of autoimmune arthritis. I would ask that we all just do our best, knowing that each time we take a step and contribute it to our collective total – we come that much closer to people knowing and understanding about A.S. & the family of diseases it is associated with. Please keep in mind that every person we bring in to our walk who doesn’t have A.S. is someone we’ve educated and they will in turn be someone who knows about AS! Talk about awareness 🙂
      Please don’t be discouraged! Let’s cheer these teams on – they are doing great work!!!

  4. Susan says:

    I know it is hard to remember that every step counts. I am lucky to have runners and marathoners on my team. They help with the numbers a lot. Keep walking please…it will take all of us to get to the moon and every person is valued for every step they take. I am Jen’s Mom and I know this for a FACT!!! Good Luck. I’m pulling for every stepper here.

    • JVisscher says:

      I find that too Deborah 🙂 I did jump at the offer for a free (yet very old) treadmill so at least now if the weather is bad I can log some steps while watching t.v. The weather is getting nicer finally here in Colorado thankfully so my dog Ella and I just went out for about an hour. A beautiful days makes the steps & time pass quickly. Thank you for stepping with us! – Jenna

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