Musical Motivation Monday – Week Four

Yeah! It’s Monday and time for some more meditations on motivation.
Every day on our road there is a group of ladies that walk past our house to the corner and back, being a country road that is really a distance, but they do it. That got me thinking about our walk and how we stay focused on moving when we’re alone. We have our team mates but even then they may not be in the same area. The Rockin’ Weebles, we’re world –wide and not everyone has someone in the same town let alone the same country. Jenna, our fearless founder of the walk has even set up a section for Walk Socials where you can find someone near to walk with. That’s just it; we all need someone to walk with. We need that special someone to call you on the phone, knock on your door, or nudge you to get you out and moving – especially when you’d rather just forget the whole thing.
Meet Sakari Lily Bear, or Lily to my friends and family. She’s my two year old Saint Bernard and the one that literally nudges me every morning. Lily has a schedule to keep every day and if I’m not on top of things, she gets on top of it for me. It doesn’t matter the weather (although she really doesn’t like rain) she has to go out, she has to eat and she has to play. In the house, in the yard, at the park, she doesn’t care and I have to be the one to do it. Lily is my partner. Now mind you, I have family that asks, cajoles and sometimes demands that I get a move on but it’s Lily that gets the job done on those really stubborn days.
So, who is your walk partner? Have you thanked them recently? If not, I think you should; after all, they are there to help keep you motivated one way or another.

Heather Stewart was a state champion baton twirler and champion dancer. During graduate school she started experiencing chronic pain & fatigue but even with a family history of AS, she was told people of color could not have AS. After seeing her grandfather’s Rheumatologist she was finally diagnosed. Heather channels her active mind with floral arrangement, crocheting, scrapbooking, volunteering, singing in a barbershop chorus, reading, spending time with family, playing with her dogs and quilting. Heather Stewart is the author/coach for our Musical Motivation Monday blog.
Heather is one of our Walk Ambassadors & Team Captain of The Rockin’ Weebles!

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