Finding Steps In All Kinds Of Places!

wheezin spondysby Sabrina Diane
Throughout this walk I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone to spread awareness and gather steps on a whole new level. AKA Harassing friends and family and now even strangers to join in and help us. The funny thing is with as awkward as I felt about asking these people they didn’t feel uncomfortable about it at all. They were open to listening and helping. Many of my friends and family were thrilled to have a way they could show support for me and my struggles with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Strangers felt inspired by our efforts and eager to support such a cause. I must admit in today’s world I expected to hear a lot more “no’s”. Sure there were those that didn’t help out but there were twice as many that did!
Here are some ways I’ve gone about it.
To get those that knew me to join our cause I simply explained the simplicity of the event. There are posters on that can explain it for you too. Most don’t understand that it can be a onetime step donation. They don’t have to do it every day if they so choice. Once this is understood I haven’t had many decline. Most are shocked how little exercise they do and come back and thank me for reminding them to get up and move! Bonus!
When it comes to strangers I start with my friends and family by spreading to their co-workers.  I give them posters to put up in their office with a tid-bit of info on AS and my contact info for anyone with more questions. I have had so many co-workers jump on I have complete companies at certain sites now participating. I have added a competitive level for one company by challenging the four different sites across the country to see which can get the most steps and I’ll provide a free lunch. They are enjoying taunting each other as much as stepping for AS.
TeamSpiritedSpondysMy ultimate challenge was to get a local walk to jump on board. I participate in this walk every year and love the park that it’s supporting so it seemed like a good place to start. I began by asking for someone I could talk to about the walk. I was given an email and sent them some info that covered the basics about Ankylosing Spondylitis and the walk that we are doing to raise awareness for it. A quick response with a few questions came back and once they understood what I wanted they were more than happy to help. The exact response was “we’re not using those (steps) anyways” so they were delighted to support a grass roots campaign like their own. I shared their info about their walk in return. We can help each other reach our goals instead of competing with each other!
A good cause with a simple honest request spreads like wildfire and I’ve had more join nearly every week so far! We are ultimately responsible for raising awareness and I never realized how easy it could.
Hope this helps!!!
Sabrina Diane – Team Captain of The Spirited Spondys
Anyone wanting any of the posters I’ve used or email templates I’ve made they are free to use them. Just comment on this page and I’ll send them your way!
You can also find Sabrina Diane on her A.S. Facebook Page where she provides support and information and during the month of April (Spondylitis Awareness Month) she posts her “Daily Dose” information & inspiration about living with A.S.

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