Musical Motivation Monday – We Better Keep On Walking!

big-moon-hug-jerry-kirkMusical Motivation Monday – by Heather Stewart
The moon is in sight! Don’t stop now! The urge is to slow down, back off and be carried on to the moon by the wave of other walkers.
Don’t give in!
The journey may have been long and arduous but keep on walking. We can do it! We can reach the moon. We have made it this far, step by step. Helping each other along the way, whether it be by cheering for the 42 step teams or individuals, pushing to add more steps to your totals, or stepping for those who were unable to walk.
This week I was reminded that we are a group of dedicated individuals of all ages. The little feet of toddlers walk in concert with those of the rest of us, as they step off in support of their teacher who may be having difficulty taking the steps herself. Remember if you hit that wall of deterrence that you are not alone and every step counts. As Salem Al Fakir says, “There’s some twists and turns I’ve gotta clear but when I’m done the end will soon appear I can leave my troubles behind….I better keep on walking”.

Image credit: “Big Moon Hug” by Jerry Kirk
Heather Stewart was a state champion baton twirler and champion dancer. During graduate school she started experiencing chronic pain & fatigue but even with a family history of AS, she was told people of color could not have AS. After seeing her grandfather’s Rheumatologist she was finally diagnosed. Heather channels her active mind with floral arrangement, crocheting, scrapbooking, volunteering, singing in a barbershop chorus, reading, spending time with family, playing with her dogs and quilting. Heather Stewart is the author/coach for our Musical Motivation Monday blog.
Heather is one of our Walk Ambassadors & Team Captain of The Rockin’ Weebles!

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