Our 2014 Booster T-Shirt Has Been Selected!

Walk Your A.S. Off is thrilled to announce the winning design in our 2014 t-shirt contest!
Congratulations to Melissa Levanduski – great job!!!

“This t-shirt contest was an artistic outlet for me to open the door to help raise awareness for a great event, Walk your A.S. off, and to educate others about Ankylosing Spondylitis. All of the t-shirt designs were so wonderfully creative! I am so humbled and honored that my design was chosen to be used for the official 2014 Walk Your A.S. Off Campaign. This autoimmune arthritis is so personal for me as my younger sister and I both suffer with it. I had never heard of A.S. until I was diagnosed with it and I felt so alone until I started searching for online support groups in hopes of answers. I hope that when others wear this t-shirt, it will lead to more curiosity about Walk your A.S. off, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and ways to help fund research for a cure. Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful leaders of this event, everyone who voted, and all of those who will be walking and supporting the walkers.” – Melissa Levanduski, Face 1066

All the designs were amazing! We’d like to thank each and every participant and everyone who voted and supported this effort. The top three vote getting t-shirts were:
Design 8: Melissa Levanduski with 326 votes (at time of completion of contest)
Design 9: Christina Clemente with 316 (at time of completion of contest)
Design 10: Elias Alberda with 131 (at time of completion of contest)
and a close 4th Design 6: STARTrends with 116 (at time of completion of contest)
The top three designs were then evaluated from our team of judges on the following criteria. 1. Use of logo and walk colors. 2. Delivery of message, and 3. Overall mass appeal for all potential boosters.
To purchase out 2014 Booster T-Shirt for only $32 (including shipping and handling) – https://www.booster.com/walkyourasoff
By purchasing a booster t-shirt you will help us get technology improvements to our website & increase our reach for next year! We dream BIG!
MelissaLevanduskiMelissa Levanduski is also the team captain of team Kicking A.S. and Face 1066 on The Faces Of Ankylosing Spondylitis. She has a team facebook page as well at https://www.facebook.com/KickingAnkylosingSpondylitis

5 thoughts on “Our 2014 Booster T-Shirt Has Been Selected!

  1. Melissa Levanduski says:

    <3 Again, I am so honored that the design I created was selected and am hopeful that it will help spread awareness of A.S. as well as raise the funds needed for the Walk Your A.S. Off campaign. Thank you! <3

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