Monday Motivation – Our Very Special pAwS Partners

Musical Motivation Monday – by Heather Stewart
It’s Monday again my dear AS-tronauts! This week only one thing continuously came to mind for me. Our pAwS partners! Some of you may not have realized or maybe you don’t remember that this year we are including the steps of our four-legged, tail wagging, barking friends. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons.
Many people with AS rely upon service dogs to help them. Service dogs provide assistance with a variety of medical conditions, not just for the visually and hearing impaired. Service dogs provide help with mobility, anxiety, PTSD, mental disabilities, seizures, autism, diabetes and so much more. They are working dogs that help to lessen the burden created by the disability. Some of our walkers have service dogs and pet dogs and since they usually walk with them they wanted to count the steps of the dogs.
Another reason our furry friends are included is because, believe it or not, they can get their own version of AS called Spondylosis Deformans. So, if we’re walking to raise awareness about Spondylitis in its many forms, shouldn’t we include everyone that can get it?
My dogs are a huge part of my life. I include them all the time. Most of the time they are the motivating factor in getting me moving in the morning. When you have a 150lb dog nudging you in the morning so she can be let out and fed, you’ll spring into action too.
I want to take a minute and thank the pAwS partners of the Rockin’ Weebles. As of week 5 they have contributed over 400,000 steps. Thank you very much for your help Lily, Benny, Belle and Abby! Extra special treats and toys just for you!



Heatherstewart2Heather Stewart was a state champion baton twirler and champion dancer. During graduate school she started experiencing chronic pain & fatigue but even with a family history of AS, she was told people of color could not have AS. After seeing her grandfather’s Rheumatologist she was finally diagnosed. Heather channels her active mind with floral arrangement, crocheting, scrapbooking, volunteering, singing in a barbershop chorus, reading, spending time with family, playing with her dogs and quilting. Heather Stewart is the author/coach for our Musical Motivation Monday blog.
Heather is one of our Walk Ambassadors & Team Captain of The Rockin’ Weebles!

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