Team Spotlight: A.S. – Standing Tall Together

Team Spotlight – A.S. Standing Tall Together by Joyce Lameire 
ASstandingTallTogetherMeet Michelle Fitch. Michelle decided to do a walk team with her  co captain Colleen Vasquez for their support group they run on Facebook to help raise awareness for AS. “This is our second year participating in the walk. This year we have over 60 walkers and our amazing Wee Walkers, which includes my grandson Dominik who is 2 and Colleen’s daycare kids, 8 years and younger.”Michelle Fitch
“We hope to involve more family and friends and others who don’t have AS to help us spread awareness this year.” She had 4 family members last year participate and this year she has quite a few more and is so grateful they help spread awareness just by participating.
Michelle says “I’ve been fighting AS for almost 4 years now and have had symptoms much longer, it’s been a constant battle fighting for proper care and Physicians willing to listen and be on your team instead of fighting you the whole way which I have from day one.”
“I walk to bring awareness and to hopefully one day have all this be heard and not overlooked. To one day be a voice in our care; AS has become my life and I fight everyday of my life, but AS does not have me and I hope it never does. In the mean time I want to thank everyone for ongoing support and am so grateful for all the wonderful people I have met and have begun a friendship with over the years.”
Michelle Fitch2Michelle Fitch3
Michelle Fitch4
JoyceLamierJoyce Lameire was diagnosed over 20 years ago with AS but was in remission until 2006. She fought tirelessly with medical practitioners to help her find some relief from the chronic pain that had taken over her body. She used her medical knowledge and research background to help her find different ways to heal herself. She shares her journey over the last several years by blogging( and speaking to groups of medical practitioners. Joyce works part time as a Speech Language Pathologist and enjoys genealogy and watching good sci-fi flicks! Joyce writes our Thursday Team Spotlight. If you are interested in having your Team “Spotlighted” contact Joyce @ [email protected] or [email protected]

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