Our World AS Day Events & Comittment

For our third year of Walk Your A.S. Off we decided that we had to become “Champions of World AS Day” since we have our finish line every year on this important day. Also since we are a worldwide walk we thought we could be a place for the organizations and people across the globe to come together. And… well, someone needed to do it!
We’ve set up a new Facebook page for World A.S. Day and Walk Your A.S. Off celebrations! This page will be for everyone – no need to have been part of the walk to participate there. I hope it is a page where we can share our stories, faces, photos, heros, worries, and accomplishments. Please share this page, *like it* as that spreads awareness and TAG yourself in this image because that is a HUGE way to spread the word about all forms of Spondylitis. For bloggers – you can now embed FB page images too! Check out the info in the upper right hand corner of the image.

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