WYASO Round-Up – Week 1

Welcome to the first round-up of the WYASO main event. The round-up is our way of sharing what others in the WYASO community are sharing and talking about. If you would like your blog post / video / newspaper article to be featured on the next round-up, please can you send us the link via email or leave a comment below.

70 Facts About My Invisible Illness You Might Not Know

Carrie from The Walking Spondies on the facts of her invisible illness.
The Walking Spondies“Despite the fact that this blog and my activity on social media has brought me into the public eye, there is still a lot that even my family and closest friends don’t know.”
“For simplicity’s sake, I’ve broken down these facts into readable sections. If you’re interested in learning more about chronic invisible illness or about what I go through on a regular day”

Walk the Dinosaur

Ethan from the Orange Apples on why he joined WYASO.
“Today is May the 4th, and it’s an easy excuse to sit in front of the TV and veg out in front of a back to back Star Wars marathon. (I know it’s not just me that thought that!)
But that’s not a good idea if you have AS.”
“the key thing that you can (and must) do is to keep moving. Whether it’s going to the kitchen to make a brew, going for a walk around town with strategically planned tea and coffee (or pub) stops, walking the dog, or running a marathon. Keep moving.”

Walk Your AS Off 2015: Team Endurance, Week 1 Reflections

Adrienne from team Endurance for AS on her and the teams first week in WYASO.
“There’s never a good time to be hurting, but my body has a way of being as untimely as possible. I went out with a bang this time at least, but am going on 3 weeks of joint swelling – and besides needing to do basic life things and return for the last bit of medical school, I have to admit I was concerned about pulling my weight in the WYASO department.”

May The Fourth Be With You…

Karen from team Fitch Feet draws parallels between Star Wars and AS.
May-The-4th-Be-With-You-Star-Wars-Day-2011-2012-yoda-fluro-lightsaber-banner-May-The-Fourth-Be-With-you-2013“I do truly maintain a positive attitude when it comes to A.S., but like anyone who is suffering daily, I have fear. Yoda implores that “Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.””
“I could be angry with my situation or I could accept that a few of my thoracic vertebrae have joined forces. I could steep in my suffering, swim in a dark, strong pool of “Pity for Me Tea” or I can accept that my body reacts to inflammation in a unique manner and that I must actually care for my body and respect that it has actually done good for me.”

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