And the 2015 Walk AS One World Cup Goes To…

What a year we’ve had!
WalkASOneCupWinners2015Congratulations to our first ever winners of the Walk AS One World Cup! Going forward we will hone in on our categories for these recognition awards as we get better at bringing in data from our teams. For this year we have awarded two cups based on the following two categories:
1. Total Number of Steps – reported by one team during the Walk Your A.S. Off walking season of April and May of 2015. – This year that award goes to the Orange Apples based in the United Kingdom and captained by Gillian Eames and Jean Morton. The collectively stepped 27,153,758!!!! Wow – that was quite an accomplishment and a lot of the success comes from team captains who went above and beyond to make sure their walkers were reporting. Congratulations to this amazing team who has been with WYASO from year one.
2. Average Steps per Walker – this is an important category for Walk AS One as it shows that the large teams don’t necessarily have the advantage over the small teams. Let’s get our friends who are already running distance races involved in raising AS awareness!!! They can participate in other awareness events but speak with them about joining your team. We want to be everywhere! Anyway back to our cup winner. I am so proud to announce that this cup goes to reFUSE to Lose with only 3 walkers!!! They averaged 580,667 steps per walker during the Walk Your A.S. Off walking season of April and May 2015. Honorable mention goes to the ASsie Walkers and the AS Buzzers both over 500k per walker.
We have some truly amazing teams – some who have participated from the start and some new this year. With participating in Walk AS One events, our goal is to help you be successful in your participation getting ASers moving and finding people to join us in spreading awareness. More awareness means more eyes are on our community and the power we have to be a voice in where we’d like to see research dollars spent. Research dollars mean someday finding a cure. What you do in participating matters. Plain and simple.
Thank you to each and every team and every person who donated even one step to our challenge to walk all the way to MARS!
Together we can beat AS – one step at a time!
Until our next challenge,
Jenna Visscher and the Walk AS One Team (Carrie Kellenberger, Ricky White, Adam Wolfe, Kelly O’Neil, and Heather Stewart)

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