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Musical Motivation Monday

Musical Motivation Monday – Here Comes The Sun!

 Musical Motivation Monday – by Heather Stewart The last few weeks have been a bit sluggish as far as our steps. I don’t know how many times I have heard “sorry, not many steps this week…” I am told that weeks six and seven are the hardest to stay motivated. I admit that even I had a hard time. Who wants to go out and rock those steps and try to do more than what can be done inside? It is spring and the weather is supposed to be breaking but snow flurries still fall and frost still coats the… Read More »Musical Motivation Monday – Here Comes The Sun!

Musical Motivation Monday – April 8th

 Musical Motivation Monday – by Heather Stewart   Here we are again. I am sorry I wasn’t here last week. I have been in pain that has left me thinking about trying to stay motivated through the pain and how to keep mobile. I had intended to write about just that last week, staying motivated through the pain, but even I am having difficulty with that. I even asked some friends how they do it and the answers they gave me, at the time, didn’t seem to help. This week I went to physical therapy and we started talking about… Read More »Musical Motivation Monday – April 8th

Musical Motivation Monday – Week Four

Yeah! It’s Monday and time for some more meditations on motivation. Every day on our road there is a group of ladies that walk past our house to the corner and back, being a country road that is really a distance, but they do it. That got me thinking about our walk and how we stay focused on moving when we’re alone. We have our team mates but even then they may not be in the same area. The Rockin’ Weebles, we’re world –wide and not everyone has someone in the same town let alone the same country. Jenna, our… Read More »Musical Motivation Monday – Week Four

Musical Motivation Monday – Week Three

Go to any sporting event and you’ll find them. They can be in a squad, dressed as a mascot, or even the fans organizing the wave – Cheerleaders! The eternal pep squad there to encourage the players to do their best and to get the fans engaged in the game, set, and/or match. They even have their own competitions and cheerleader fans. We on Team Rockin’ Weeble have our own fans and cheerleaders dedicated to pushing us to walk beyond what we believe we can do and reminding us why we are doing this. One in particular is Andrew “Tom”… Read More »Musical Motivation Monday – Week Three

Musical Motivation Monday – Week Two

Musical Motivation Monday – by Heather Stewart “They won’t be fools or be victims Or fall along the way. They fight for life, these large strong birds, They won’t let it pass them by. Examples in our life should be. To fly where Eagles fly.” -excerpt from “Where Eagles Fly” by Helen E. Payne Spencer, Cherokee     Here we are, beginning another week of our journey. I have heard walkers say, “I’m not walking much” or “my numbers aren’t good”. Even I fell into this trap of self doubt when confronted by the millions of steps that Team Endurance… Read More »Musical Motivation Monday – Week Two

Musical Motivation Monday – Week One

It’s MONDAY!!! Day 4 of our journey to the moon. Every journey begins with that first step. We are like children learning to stand; we need something to hold on to, to brace us as we pull ourselves up and get our feet under us so that we can take that first step.  This walk, Walk Your A.S. Off, is our something sturdy, that we will be holding on to as we gain the courage to stand and then walk for ourselves, our friends, our loved ones, and those around the world who have Ankylosing Spondylitis. Raising awareness for a… Read More »Musical Motivation Monday – Week One