Monthly Archives: March 2013

Tiara's Tuesday Talk – Preventing Aches & Pains

  Tiara’s Tuesday Talk – by Sara Sheibley Today is going to be a hash up. My mind can’t seem to settle on one specific topic so let’s get this party started. Mostly we are going to discuss how to try and prevent aches and pains and what to do to help if they happen. […]

Musical Motivation Monday – Week Two

Musical Motivation Monday – by Heather Stewart “They won’t be fools or be victims Or fall along the way. They fight for life, these large strong birds, They won’t let it pass them by. Examples in our life should be. To fly where Eagles fly.” -excerpt from “Where Eagles Fly” by Helen E. Payne Spencer, […]

Sundays On A Walk With Michael – Week Two

Today’s walk-ku by Michael Smith double haiku: My walk tired me, I rested under a tree, my thoughts wandering. But my wandering thoughts did not rest. In fact, they went and ran ahead.       Michael Smith a.k.a. Spenser is the creator of Spondyville is a town where everyone has AS, so no-one ever […]

Color Kynna & Susie's Sneakers

We’re Kickin’ It For Kynna & Steppin’ For Susie! Both Kynna & Susie have juvenile Ankylosing Spondylitis and we are walking for them and for the hope for a cure for everyone with this family of diseases. Please share their coloring pages with your kids – they want so much to support us and this […]

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Joe Tidwell

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Joe Tidwell by Kim Anderson   Joe Tidwell started feeling severe back pain when he was 12 or 13 years old. The pain was so intense that he would often stay home from school and lay in bed. The doctors that he sought help from at that time did not think that […]

Tiara's Tuesday Talk – Assistive Devices

That’s right it’s Tuesday again and time for me to throw some exciting information at you about Assistive Devices for Walking. Recently I had to battle some demons of my own in this department and have decided, a cane is better than a fall. So, to educate you on this week’s subject matter I went […]

Musical Motivation Monday – Week One

It’s MONDAY!!! Day 4 of our journey to the moon. Every journey begins with that first step. We are like children learning to stand; we need something to hold on to, to brace us as we pull ourselves up and get our feet under us so that we can take that first step.  This walk, […]

Sundays On A Walk With Michael Smith – Week One

  Today’s walk-ku by Michael Smith My feet meet the road. The road is cordial … at first. Then things get bumpy.     Michael Smith a.k.a. Spenser is the creator of Spondyville is a town where everyone has AS, so no-one ever has to feel alone in dealing with this disease. He has been […]

A Walk in Malita, Davao Del Sur, Philippines With Ivanhoe Ardiente

I first met Ivanhoe through AS Facebook friends a couple of years ago. His story & struggles with his fused joints are heart wrenching and inspiring at the same time. Ivanhoe has not only a fully fused back but fusing in one shoulder and both hips. His body has become a cage limiting movement in […]