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February 2013

AS Bloggers On Awareness – Blog Carnival One

We’ve asked the community of AS Bloggers to write & submit a blog post for our Blog Carnivals happening periodically over the span of our walk. This week we are sharing posts submitted about: Awareness, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Leading the way is Ricky of Endless Trax who wrote a very compelling post last year about what awareness means to him. I asked him to include the link to that post along with the post he wrote this year specifically for this carnival. Ricky asks, “Is awareness just for people who have never heard of AS? Or… Read More »AS Bloggers On Awareness – Blog Carnival One

Help Us Fund A Research Grant For AS With Arthritis National Research Foundation!

We are beyond excited to announce our partnership with the Arthritis National Research Foundation.    ANRF is working with us on funding an Ankylosing Spondylitis specific research grant! This is a Mission Awareness equal to none and a concrete way to take action to raise money to support research for a cure. Once it is funded, we’ll know that WE did it! Patients powering the future – one step and one dollar at a time. For more information please check out the Walk Your A.S. Off funding page and watch the dollar marker tick up as we work to get… Read More »Help Us Fund A Research Grant For AS With Arthritis National Research Foundation!

Mission Awareness – Write Your Elected Officials

Take Action – Write Your Elected Officials by Richard Howard This is so inspirational. Yesterday I read how Huw Irranca-Davies, a member of the British Parliament addressed Parliament with a spondylitis manifesto.  He told his AS story and then listed what needed to be done for other people living with AS.  He also announced that he is joining the worldwide event to “Walk Your AS Off”. It’s brilliant. I would love my congressman and senator to speak up about spondylitis and join us in walking. I just wrote my congressman to follow Huw Irranca-DAvies example and to join us walking… Read More »Mission Awareness – Write Your Elected Officials

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Colleen

Hey Everybody!! Meet Colleen Colleen is one of the captains on AS Standing Tall Together. She lives with her husband and 2 children in California, where she operates a daycare. As we gear up for Walk Your AS Off 2013 she is coming off the 3rd anniversary of her diagnosis of Seronegative AS. (HLA B27-) This form of AS runs in Colleen’s family effecting her father and uncle, so naturally passing AS on to her children is a big concern for her. Neither of her children carry the genetic marker for AS but both do have the “growing pains” that… Read More »Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Colleen

Tiara’s Tuesday Talk – Supporting The Structures Of Our Bodies

Hi my name is Sara Tiara. Ok so tiara isn’t really my last name, it’s Shiebley but I have a love of Tiaras so Tuesdays are going to be Tiara’s Tuesday Talk and today I’m going to discuss walking aides. During this walk it is imperative that we don’t put our physical safety at risk. From our feet to our knees to our hips to our back, we sometimes need to use devices that help us achieve our goal.  These devices today are for support. Supporting the structures of our body is critical to getting in some successful walks and… Read More »Tiara’s Tuesday Talk – Supporting The Structures Of Our Bodies

Huw Irranca-Davies MP Participates In Walk Your A.S. Off

  Yesterday was a big day for Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness.  Huw Irranca-Davies, a member of the British Parliament spoke about A.S.! Please take a moment to listen to his eloquent description of his own story and the need for more research, better access to care, and the imperative to reduce the number of years it takes so many to receive a diagnosis. Mr. Irranca-Davies also mentions our walk and asks others to participate! He will be joining us and walking to raise awareness. I’d say he’s done a great job of that before taking his first officially recorded step. Link… Read More »Huw Irranca-Davies MP Participates In Walk Your A.S. Off

Heather Stewart's Musical Motivation Monday

Hello there! I’m Heather Stewart. I am from Central New York and one of the proud captains of Rockin’ Weebles: Weebles Kick A.S. I grew up around A.S. My maternal grandfather had it and I never knew him when he didn’t have it. I could never understand why he couldn’t turn his head. I watched as his frame went from 6’3” to 5’6” due to the fused curvature of his spine. I also watched him continue to laugh, fish, camp, drive, and have a great time with his children and grandchildren. I grew up very active. I was a state… Read More »Heather Stewart's Musical Motivation Monday

Inspiration Via Text Messaging

    How do you stay motivated? It can be difficult because life gets busy. So we are here to keep you thinking about moving & adding steps to your day! To receive our once a day inspiration & motivation simply text “ASwalk” – no spaces – to the number 55678! You will receive your first text message welcoming you right away and then one a day during our walk!    

Sundays on a Walk With Michael – A Weekly Walk-ku by Michael Smith

Michael Smith a.k.a. Spenser is the creator of Spondyville is a town where everyone has AS, so no-one ever has to feel alone in dealing with this disease. He has been raising AS awareness online for almost 20 years. Five years ago, he started the April is Spondylitis Awareness Month campaign and last year co-produced the Best Medicine Night of Comedy fundraiser to benefit the Spondylitis Association of America. His current AS awareness project can be seen at Michael is also a playwright and poet. His popular weekly haiku blog is In addition, his Spondyville weekly chat… Read More »Sundays on a Walk With Michael – A Weekly Walk-ku by Michael Smith