AS Bloggers On Awareness – Blog Carnival One

BloggersCarnivalWe’ve asked the community of AS Bloggers to write & submit a blog post for our Blog Carnivals happening periodically over the span of our walk. This week we are sharing posts submitted about: Awareness, the good, the bad, and the ugly!
Leading the way is Ricky of Endless Trax who wrote a very compelling post last year about what awareness means to him. I asked him to include the link to that post along with the post he wrote this year specifically for this carnival. Ricky asks, “Is awareness just for people who have never heard of AS? Or can we AS sufferers become aware too??” I’m not sure? Check out his post to see his conclusions!
This year Ricky writes about our efforts to walk to the moon to raise awareness.  He says, “Awareness is something we all try and do, whether we realize we are doing it or not. We can passively make people aware, just through our existence with AS.” And I agree with this completely! What do you think? Please comment below – we’d love to hear from you!
Joyce is a blogger I’ve recently become connected with. In her blog Anky…Spon… What? she asks the questions, “So if you are me, how would you get others to recognize your disease? How would you get someone to help you? How would you get someone to take you seriously? How would you get someone to be AWARE? She does this with a beautiful poem & talk of our walk! 
Betsy of Blessed Beyond the Storm speaks about someone, a very special woman & AS blogger who passed away last year from complications of medications related to AS. Sara helped her when she first was diagnosed, to choose joy! Read this touching post about the impact of someone who was actively working to raise awareness had on her.
I had hoped to write a blog post of my own on my AS blog, The Feeding Edge but this walk has me fully consumed with steps & logos and all of you wonderful people so I didn’t get to it but I would like to share with you a post I did during last years walk about being open to sharing who we are & our experiences with AS. It can seem scary, we can receive criticism, but there will always be people in this world who poo-poo what you do! I say, do it anyway!!!
I hope we have more bloggers join us for our next carnival on March 20th. Our topic will be, “How to deal with people who give advice” Yes, people with AS often hear about a miracle cure, a special diet, or that the person you are sharing your condition with say, “yeah, my back hurts too.” These are moments to grasp, to educate, and to turn an uneducated person into one who is AWARE! But, we also want to hear your thoughts on these encounters.
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7 thoughts on “AS Bloggers On Awareness – Blog Carnival One

    • JVisscher says:

      Hi Jeania! We’d love to include you! Just write on the upcoming topic and submit by the day before and we will absolutely include you! – Jenna

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    • JVisscher says:

      I think it would be interesting to see what you write about using our next topic related to advice from rheumatology consultants. The only thing I wonder is how you will but this together since our doctors are supposed to be giving us advice. We’d love to include you in the carnival James!

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