Announcement: LEKI supports WYASO 2020

We are pleased to welcome LEKI as a supporting partner of this year’s Walk Your AS Off (WYASO) and thank them for their generous donation of prizes which will be disseminated to participants. But more on that shortly.

If you don’t know the name LEKI, then they are a well-known manufacturer of Nordic Walking and Trail Running poles. Their high-quality poles are renowned globally and they have a passion for helping people stay active. Which makes them a fantastic partner for WYASO.

Walking is a great form of exercise for anyone with spondylitis. If you want to learn more about Nordic walking as a way to help manage your spondylitis, you can read this write up by NASS or read more general information here.


As a way to celebrate the dedication from this year’s participants, and as a way to encourage more people with spondyloarthritis to participate, LEKI is providing us with some awesome poles to give away! We are running two giveaways concurrently:

  1. A pair of MCT 12 Vario poles will be awarded to the two individuals that track the most steps during WYASO.
  2. And eight pairs of either Wanderfreund High Fives or Spin Shark SL poles will be awarded to a group of randomly selected winners. Anyone who has recorded steps each week of WYASO will be eligible. Also, anyone who joined part-way through May can still be eligible if they track a minimum of 30,000 steps total during May.

The Prizes

The prize for the top two steppers of this year’s WYASO will receive the MCT 12 Vario (worth $249.95)

This ultra-lightweight MCT 12 Vario Carbon folding pole is equipped with a newly developed Cross Shark grip. The system offers the speed and power transmission of the Trigger Shark system combined with the support of an ergonomic hiking grip for comfort during downhills. The breathable strap features a wide support area for effective power transfer and a secure fit. The sweat-absorbing grip allows for maximum comfort. The pole folds down to 42cm thanks to the innovative CLD-Core Locking Device.

Eight randomly selected winners will receive either a pair of Wanderfreund High Fives or Spin Shark SL (worth $99.95)

Spin Shark SL – This two-piece Nordic walking pole, made from tempered HTS 5.5 aluminum, supports you on all terrains. The pole length can be adjusted between 100 and 130 cm thanks to the Speed Lock+ Adjustment System. The anatomically formed, freely adjustable strap and two-component cork grip transfer your energy to the ground without any loss of power. With the Trigger Shark 2.0 System for quick release of the strap from the grip.

Spin Shark SL Nordic Walking Pole

This Wanderfreund High Fives walking pole with Speed Lock+ adjustment and high-strength aluminum is always a reliable companion. The edge-free ergonomic form of the grip offers a secure and comfortable support function and the unique “hole in the middle” allows for additional gripping options. This classic walking cane provides support not only for you but for a special non-profit organization. LEKI donates 5% of the proceeds from the sales of this single staff to the HIGH FIVES organization. High Fives focuses on preventing life-changing injuries and provides resources f they happen. LEKI has partnered with High Fives because we are dedicated to supporting the safety net of the outdoor sports community.

Wanderfreund High Fives Walking Pole

Some questions you might have

I do not live in the US, am I still eligible?

Yes. We will ship worldwide. Just be cognizant that your prize may take a little longer to be delivered as we’ll be shipping from the US.

How do I claim my prize if I win?

We will contact all the winners personally to let you know that you’ve won. At that time we will ask for your postal address. There is nothing else you will need to do.

When will the winners be announced?

We will run the draw as soon as the final stats for WYASO are calculated. This normally happens one week after the end of the event.

If I win, how will I know which set of poles I’ll receive?

If you win one of the random prize draw prizes, we will ask you which poles you would prefer. The poles are not the same, and choosing which are best will depend on your physical ability. We will help you choose the pole which suits your needs best from the two on offer. We feel it’s more important to get you the right pair of poles so you can be encouraged to use them and continue to keep active even after the WYASO event.

Don’t forget to log your steps on our main site to be eligible for the giveaway!

LEKI logo

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